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Igloo, M.D - A "Cool" HOUSE Fan Comic [entries|friends|calendar]
Igloo, M.D - A "Cool" HOUSE Fan Comic

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NEW COMIC, HUZZAH FOR HOUSE! [June 24th, 2006]

NEW COMIC! Yes yes, it's been awhile. A long while. Such a long while I am ashamed to look at the date.

But this is what happens when finals hit, you have to write 25 pages in 24 hours, go to interviews, read 80 research books, pack and move to another state, and start your 8-5pm job. Oh, and go to another state for awhile - again.

HOUSE may have ended for the season but my comics have not. I have a bunch more planned and in the works. So please keep being patient and enjoy the new comic!

Feedback welcome! I hope everyone is enjoying the summer and keeps reading IGLOO, MD!!
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COMICS REUPLOADED! [April 11th, 2006]

[ mood | tired ]

Old comics are re-uploaded in the older posts! Much love to my new hostess!

Expect a new Wilson/House pengy comic tomorrow <(^0^)>

Thanks for sticking with me, folks~

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Domains F-ing Suck [March 24th, 2006]

So... the domain where I uploaded my Igloo, M.D comics died. Again. For the third time in three years. My only reasonable conclusion is that my hostess was lobotomized, which is the only way I can explain her three strikes in a row stupidity.

So I ask for your patience as I reupload my comics to another server, make some new ones, and find myself some webspace that won't die anytime soon.

Much thanks.
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My throat hurts, a comic, and anger issues [February 23rd, 2006]

[ mood | creative ]

Sore throats are no fun. Neither is spilling tea on your laptop. Thank goodness only one of these things happened to me. Also, people who you think are your friends but then bail on something they said they'd do are no fun either. In fact, I wish I could take House's cane to their internal organs... oh well. *breathes*

Oh yes, comic. Comic! Here ya go - please enjoy and ignore my anger issues!

Igloo, M.D = Hit or MissCollapse )

Please stay tuned for more!
*goes to down some more water and an obscene amount of sudafed*

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House is my Valentine [February 14th, 2006]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Valentine's is not a very good day for me. People on their cell phones doing "ohmagod, what time are you going to pick me up? what should i wear? well, you have to get me back at 7" need to stop. I appreciate that they're going out to swanky restaurants, but they need to have this conversation in their respective rooms. Not behind me. All day.

Sigh. I filled the day for grocery shopping and a chocolate fountain, good times. Oh, and of course, making a new HOUSE comic! *warning, House finds love in unusual places!.. to some*

Igloo, M.D = March of the ValentinesCollapse )

Comments appreciated! Friends/Members appreciated more! (Flames are not! ^^;;)

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A blizzard and Comic #001 [February 12th, 2006]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Two feet of snow is a nice way to launch the first ever Igloo, M.D comic. I watched the snow fall till 4am in the morning. Staring out my window is the best screensaver ever.

Now onto the comic:

Igloo, M.D = PETA Eat Your Heart OutCollapse )

I hope you enjoy! And if you liked what you saw, please feel free to join the community and leave a comment!... and now I'm off to trek in the snow to a batch of sugar cookies with red sprinkles and my name on it  ^____^



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Welcome to Igloo, MD! [February 12th, 2006]

[ mood | happy ]

Welcome to the grand opening of the Penguin-inspired House, MD fan webcomic : "Igloo, M.D" ! Expect HOUSE based penguin fun to be posted shortly!

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